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Jeunesse Hits 120 Million A Month Sales Records!

                          This Global Company Is Amazing!

Summer is here,
JEUNESSE is heating up all over the globe.
Continuing her groundbreaking record streak, 
this month JEUNESSE are thrilled to announce 2 new records for the month of JUNE!
and more than 116,000 new enrollments!

These milestone beat previous records set for 100,000 
new enrollment and 78 million in revenue sales in APRIL
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Here Is What Chief Visionary Officer, Scott Lewis Said: 

Who We Are?

A world leader in anti-aging technology has evolved.
Better than ever.

Wouldn't it be cool,
If someone took a global leader in anti-aging and broke the mold?
If someone took our best selling products backed with science
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Evolved it into everything any heath product coud dream to be
What if it could restore the body at the cellular level
and fight premature aging 
Cleanse, Rejuvenate, and Increase Daily Energy.

That would be cool...
Introducing the re-imaged and more evolved Youth Enhancement System
the world has ever known!

We are re-defining youth

We Are Generation Young

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Stem Cells Technology For Hiar Loss

Hair Loss Best Solutions by Luminesce Serum

Hair Loss and Baldness

Baldness implies partial or complete lack of hair. Balding is part of the wider topic of "hair thinning". The degree and pattern of baldness can vary greatly, but it’s most common cause is male and female pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia.

The Cause

1. Male hair loss:
This is one of the most recent causes of agony in most males who suffering from hair loss.

More than 95% of hair thinning in men is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Male pattern baldness is characterized by hair receding from the lateral sides of the forehead (known as a "receding hairline") and/or a thinning crown (balding to the area known as the ‘vertex’). Both become more pronounced until they eventually meet, leaving a horseshoe-shaped ring of hair around the back of the head.
According to Medem Medical Library's website, male pattern baldness (MPB) affects roughly 40 million men in the United States. Approximately 25 percent of men begin balding by age 30; two-thirds begin balding by age 60.
According to research, one of the main reasons for hair loss in males is the rise of DHT, a direct component of testosterone.
DHT, which stands for Dihydrotestosterone is a male sex hormone, an androgen. 5α-reductase, an enzyme, synthesizes DHT in the adrenal glands, hair follicles, testes and prostate.
Male and female adults can lose hair as a consequence of changes in the metabolism of androgen in the body - men more commonly than women. DHT plays a major role in hair loss.

Other reasons for hair loss include too much vitamin A and anti-depressant therapy. The physical reasons for hair loss are over or under-active thyroids, certain fungal infections and hormonal imbalances. Even underlying problems such as lupus or diabetes may result in excessive hair loss.

The common reasons for hair loss in an individual varies from genetics, pregnancy, diet, improper hair care, cancer treatment and illness.
Aging and heredity factors also plays a part in hair loss and balding.
Altered health condition: Other severe hair loss either due to any altered health condition, improper maintenance which may accelerate hair loss ultimately leading to baldness
Some passive solution suggestion for hair loss:
Try not to comb regularly.
Try to keep your hair clean and then maintain good nutrition.

2. Female hair loss:

Most women spends lots of money buying hair products that hope to enhance their own hair to look like those women's hair we emulate. Unfortunately, according to the Academy of Dermatology, more than 30 million women experience significant hair loss. This number is higher than ever before in the USA. Hair loss in women can start as young as puberty and can gradually get worse as a woman ages.

It is normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. Hair loss presents a great deal of trauma and devastation in a women's life. Maintain beauty is a women right. But most tend to over tease, over color, over process the hair due to trends.

The mental or psychological effects balding women face can be depression, traumatic stress, lack of confidence, withdrawal and lack of confidence. There are some balding spirited women who are famous in spite of their visible baldness that refuse to let this physical abnormality prevent them from being their best in public.
The Cause:

1.      Stress - Inhibits Androgen production which shrinks hair follicles.

2.      Auto Immune system problems - commonly known as Alopecia. There are many forms of alopecia, but all of them describe hair falling out and there is not enough data to really know why this happens.

3.      Medications such as: Anti depressants, Beta Blockers, Non steroidal Anti inflammatory, Birth control pills, High blood pressure pills and arthritis pills can cause hair loss.

4.      After Childbirth: During pregnancy estrogen hormones are high and those hormones hold onto your hair. Shortly after giving birth, after breast feeding is all over, the hair can come out in clumps because the estrogen drops back to normal levels.

5.      Crash Diets - nutrition deficiency and the lack of protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin C starves the hair follicles.

6.      Heredity - accounts for about 90% chance you will have the same hair as your Mother's grandfather as the gene's typically follow the mother's side of the family. Heredity affects more men than women.
7.      Due to Surgery
8.      Thyroid issue
9.      Menopause - any time there are changes in your hormone levels, there is a potential for hair loss as they are directly related to one another.

Other Hair Loss Solutions by experts:
1.      Adding more nutrients to your diet may help hair growth, but most of all helps your body to have a healthy balance. Add Omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon; Vitamin A as found in Spinach and Carrots; Selenium as found in Brazil nuts; Zinc as found in Walnuts and oysters. Include also low fat dairy products, whole grains and vegetables. The basic rule of thumb for healthy hair is eating what you know is good for your heart and you'll never go wrong!

2.      Increasing the blood supply to your scalp may cure hair loss, at the least it will de stress your body. Head massage improves blood flow to the scalp, where there are lots of nerve endings. Rubbing your head in massage releases the feel good hormones called serotonin and dopamine.

3.      Provillus for women - a DHT blocker that can be prescribed by a doctor. It works in some people.

4.      Hair restoration systems - this is a bonding method used to attach hair pieces to your scalp.

5.      Monoxodil which is also found in Rogaine for women. This is a topical solution that works in some women. It has to be used every day and if you stop using it, any hair you have grown falls out again.

6.      Hair transplant - this is a surgical procedure that takes hair follicles from the neck area or area that has healthy hair growth and transplanting them to the balding area.

7.      Wigs

Hair loss problem seems to be increased in modern society, but Hair loss does not have to prevent anyone from being who they are. There is nothing wrong with using any of the above hair loss solutions to make us feel good in our skin.

Extract source: American Hair Loss Association, American Academy of Dermatology

Latest solution from: Jeunesse Global

Luminesce Serum

    Luminesce serum for hair loss


Newest Discovery

Hair Loss Best Solutions Using Luminesce serum

Stem Cell Technology- New breakthroughs By Jeunesse.
Apply Luminesce Rejuvenation Serum directly on your scalp and achieve  
remarkable results fast.

Luminesce Testimonial:  
(See changes within two weeks)

Adult stem cell technology is dramatically expanding the horizons of skin care development. 
This revolution in the science of youth is made possible because of the intersection of bio-engineering technology and years of product formulation expertise. 
The elements of this stem cell technology include the following:

The greatest abundance of stem cells in the body is in adipose (fat) tissue

  • In a hypoallergenic process, the stem cells are extracted from the adipose tissue
  • The stem cells are then cultured in a nutrient-rich media which becomes infused with the characteristics of the stem cells
  • These “miracle molecules” are then extracted from the media using a sophisticated filtration process, leaving behind the actual stem cells
  • The stem cells are then cultured in a nutrient-rich media which becomes infused with the characteristics of the stem cells
  • These “miracle molecules” are then extracted from the media using a sophisticated filtration process, leaving behind the actual stem cells.
  • The stem cell technology delivers more than 200 growth factors already found in natural skin. These growth factors and cytokines enter the pores of the skin then penetrate the epidermal barrier

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Published on Jun 4, 2015
JEUNESSE JAPAN GRAND LAUNCH 2015 - The Time to Shine event in April celebrated the official Grand Launch of Jeunesse in Japan. During a momentous weekend of training, recognition, top leaders and thrilling entertainment, the Japanese market got a taste of the exciting culture that drives the Jeunesse brand.

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Jeunesse Pre-Launch In UAE & BRAZIL

Jeunesse Official Facebook Page

 Jeunesse has growth in speeds. 
Two more new countries are going to launch very soon...
Since September 9 2009,  Jeunesse Global was launched,
that was a "Game Changer" for the direct selling industries

Jeunesse Created Something Very HUGE.
100% Automatmated Online Platform 

 Jeunesse is not the same old story of skin care and supplements. We are not the same old network model. 
 Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, in healthy living, in embracing life.
More than 70 Millionaires are created in last 3-5 years.

Those who act first, will benefit in a huge way. .
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Be Instantly Ageless In You Now!

Are You Tired of Having Puffy Eyes?
"You look tired..." Ah. 
Those dreaded three words.
Thanks to the lovely dark circles and bags that
appear for many reasons; hereditary, water retention, toxins
hormones, allergies etc. causing us to seem not as 
alert and vibrant as we'd like.

Fret not ladies and gentlemen! 
What if I tell you that your puffy eye bags
can disappear within 2 minutes?

No Surgery, No Laser Treatment, 
No Anesthetic Injection and ZERO Risk.

Best of it All
You Can Do All By Yourself. 
New Packaging Just Arrived - April 2015

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It visibly reduce the signs of aging. Developed exclusively by Jeunesse®.

Effectiveness regardless of age. She is age 80+ !


Instantly Ageless™ - Be You Be flawless.

It is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively 
To diminish the visible signs of aging.
The revolutionary ingredient is argireline:
(Click on the above word Argireline for more detail of the technology being used) 

Instantly Ageless™ is at the forefront of anti-aging technology

A peptide that works like botox—without the needles. 
Instantly Ageless™ revives the
skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.

Instantly Ageless™ works synergistically with the LUMINESCE™ line of products 
It visibly reduce the signs of aging. Developed exclusively by Jeunesse®.

Instantly Ageless-Customer Reviews:

"Works exactly like it says it does, some of these other products that claim to produce the same results work for a few days and then just stop working at all. This product is nothing like that, I have been using it since it came out and it has worked everytime. I would buy this over and over again."
By Ross H December 7, 2014 

"An amazing product. I wasn't sure at first I did want to try it and now I am hooked."
By Kindle customer December 2014
"OMG! This really takes 10 years off... Order now... They won't stay in stock!!"
 Josh December 16, 2014

"This product is absolutely amazing!!! This is a must try for all women who want to look their best."
Vicelia Tinde  December 17 2014

 Instantly Ageless™ works synergistically with the LUMINESCE™ line of products

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Instantly typical Testimonials
"1.How to use: I love the Luminesce line. I use the youth restoring cleanser first, then I use the EXCELLENT cellular rejuvenation serum allover my face, neck, back of hands. After that has absorbed, use the daily moisturizer. Allow that to absorb.
Less is better of the Instantly Ageless, which I only use on my under eye area as it shrinks the bags and for most, will also decrease or eliminate the dark circles (mine are bad). 
Just remember: use as small amount as possible. Instantly Ageless should last up to 8 hours. The cellular rejuvenation serum has eliminated my rosacea, evened out my skin tone, is shrinking my fine lines, deep furrows and repairing the sun damaged back of my hands. 
I am 55 and love it so much.
2. It actually works the best if you apply moisturizer first and use the product sparingly. 
If you end up with a white residue on your skin at all, then you have applied too much product.

 Luminesce Products Testimonial

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                                                        Instantly Ageless

Important Notes
Instantly Ageless is Only Available to Customers
living in USA and Canada for the time being. 

For any order outside the US & Canada
We can be help for separate shipment & Cost.
 Please email at
Limit to stocks availability

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